Australian Railway History & Railway Videos

Welcome to Railway Videos and Australian Railway History, a hand-picked directory of railway videos from professional and amateur cameramen and women plus information and photos covering a range of Australian railway history topics.

Railway history
Railways in Australia date back to the 1850’s and the information and photos will take you back through the years. 

You will find information on locomotives, locations, rolling stock and much more in these pages. Eachinformation page has been researched and includes all the reference material that was consulted to produce that particular page.

The videos
The videos you will find here come from all over the world and feature everything from narrow gauge steam right through to multi-diesel lashups … and I haven’t forgotten model trains either.

While I’m always looking for videos that are at least 4 minutes long and of a high technical standard to include on the site I have chosen some videos that are less clear because they have great historical value.

So enjoy the site and come back often because this site is growing all the time.