AI&S Limited Burrawa and Baradine

These days Clyde Engineering of Granville in Sydney is remembered as the builder of many EMD based diesel locomotives for Government systems across Australia but Clyde Engineering built quite a few steam locomotives for Government and private systems.

Burrawa seen inside the factory of Clyde Engineering at Granville NSW

Burrawa, the sturdy little saddle tank engine we see in here, and its sister, Baradine, were just two of the steam locomotives that Clyde built for private industry.

Australian Iron & Steel Ltd at Port Kembla purchased four industrial tank engines from Clyde Engineering. Brolga (b/n 455 of 1936) and Bronzwing (b/n 457 of 1937) were the first to arrive and then in 1938 Clyde delivered two more tank engines to the company. Baradine (b/n 460/1938) was the first and Burrawa (b/n 461 of 1938) was the other.

While Baradine was in service by June of 1938 Burrawa was not seen in service until October of that year. Both were apparently put to work hauling hot metal and slag at the Port Kembla Steelworks and both locos remained at Steelworks for their entire working life.

Burrawa was finally withdrawn from service on December 17, 1971 while Baradine lasted just two more days. Both locos spent the next couple of years in storage at the Steelworks before being written off on December 19, 1974.

Burrawa was scrapped on January 22, 1975 while Baradine lasted until February 19 of the same year.

Technical Details

Gauge: 1435mm (4ft 8.5 in)

Wheel arrangement: 0-6-0ST

Cylinders: 45.72cm x 60.96cm (18 x 24 in)

Boiler pressure: 1241 kPa (180 lb)

Coupled wheels: 116.84cm (46 in)

Tractive effort: 108.28kN (24,342 lb)

Weight: 61 tonnes (61 tons)

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Photos courtesy of the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney