Industrial Railways

Maenofferen Slate Quarry
In 1978 it still operated a rail network to complete with cable incline, a small petrol driven Simplex or similar, and lots of man power moving slate down the mountainside.

Barrington Quarry
The last quarry in Britain to use a railway network to bring loads out.

Industrial Steam Railways
A look at some of the British industrial steam railways and their locomotives .

ThyssenKrupp Steelworks in 2017
Industrial networks can be one loco, a string of rail trucks and rough track or they can by like the ThyssenKrupp Steelworks network in Duisburg, Germany.

The Flats Industrial Railroad
The last days of regular operation on one of the least photographed railroads in the US … Cleveland’s Flats Industrial Railroad.

The Lapeer Industrial Railroad in June 2021
Less than a mile of track, one loco and only one customer … how long can it possibly last?

Narrow Gauge Electric Industrial Railways in Germany 2018
Some of the locomotives may look a little strange but some of them move enough raw material to produce around 430,000 tons of soda ash a year.

Narrow Gauge Mining Railways in China
Two mines in north-eastern China still use old electric traction to move the coal.