US Mainline Diesel Operation

California Trains
Lots of diesel action plus some steam and even a trolley.

A Day in the Life of a Norfolk Southern Conductor
Ever thought you might like to change jobs and work on the railroad?

CSX Freight Q614-14
Two brand new tier 4 GEVO ET44AH locos on Q614-14 get stopped by the police.

Shifting Coal Over Mullins Pass
SD70MAC’s are doing some heavy lifting to get a big load of coal to its destination.

Williams Loop – 100 Year Old Marvel
Located on the Western Pacific Feather River route, this is a real engineering marvel.

Marias Pass – the BNSF gateway to the east coast
Mile-long freights heading west and east over BNSF’s path through the Rockies.

One Friday in Caliente

Friday March 24 2017 and we’re trackside in Caliente, California

Unit Coal Train Operation on the Norfolk Southern.

Heavy duty operations on the Winston-Salem District on July 11, 2015