European Narrow Gauge Railways

Electric Narrow Gauge in Saxony
There are some interesting shunting moves on this 2km long, 250 volt railway that shifts around 430,000 from the quarry at Forderstedt to the plant Stassfurt in Germany.

German Field Railway

Shunting some gravel hoppers with a Deutz OME on a German field railway

Thamshavnbanen – Norway 2007 to 2013

You may look at the track in this video and wonder if I haven’t listed this video in the right section. Yes … it obviously isn’t 1435mm but it does look a bit like 1067mm … but then again it doesn’t quite look like that.

And that’s because it isn’t 1067mm … it’s 1000mm gauge so it technically is narrow gauge but regardless of what gauge it is the locos you will see in this video are definitely interesting.

Ohsabanan museum railroad 15 km through the forest, Sweden 2013

This is a heritage 600mm railway that features a very neat little 0-8-0 tank loco.

Narrow gauge freight in Poland

How do you haul standard gauge wagons over narrow gauge track? This railway in Poland has the answer.