QR 6D11½ Crane Class Locomotive

QR 6D11 1/2 Crane Class locomotive

By 1902 Beyer Peacock had been building steam locomotives that saw service all over the world for almost 50 years. Many of those locomotives were purchased by government and private railways here in Australia but the company had not been able to sell even one locomotive to the Queensland Railways.

However that poor sales record changed in 1902 when Beyer Peacock supplied 2 0-6-0 saddle tank crane locomotives to the Queensland Government Railways on order number 8742. These 2 locomotives were classified as the 6D11½  Crane Class and were given the numbers 1 (b/n 4317) and 2 (b/n 4318) when they entered service in January 1903.

Both locomotives were fitted with hydraulic cranes for use at the new railway workshops that had just been built at Ipswich. Both locomotives weighed in at 26.3 tons and could carry ½ a ton of coal and 250 gallons of water.

In November 1911 the crane was removed from No.1 and the saddle tank was increased to carry 570 gallons. This increased the weight of the locomotive to 26.6 tons. In its new guise No.1 continued to be used as a shunter at the Ipswich Workshops.

In July 1912 it was the turn of No.2 to lose its crane and have its water capacity increased to 570 gallons. However, No.2 did not remain at the Ipswich Workshops. It was sent north to Cairns where is was used the shunt the wharves.

Both locomotives remained in service until 1927. No.1 was the first to be withdrawn in April of that year and No.2 was withdrawn in December. Both locomotives were ultimately scrapped.

The 6D11½ Crane Class locomotives were the only saddle tank locomotives to operate in Queensland and it was another 48 years before the Queensland Government Railways went back to Beyer Peacock for more locomotives.

Technical Details
Gauge: 1067mm (3ft 6in)

Wheel Arrangement: 0-6-0ST

Cylinders: 29.2 x 40.6 cm (11½ x 16 inches)

Boiler Pressure: 1103 kPA (160lb)

Coupled Wheels: 762mm (2ft 6in)

Tractive Effort: 40.17Kn (9030lb)

Weight: 26.72 tonnes or 26.3 tons with crane – 27.02 tonnes or 26.6 tons after crane removed

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Photo courtesy of: Museum of Science & Industry/Science & Society Picture Library