Baldwin Locomotive Works of Philadelphia USA

and Baldwin Lima Hamilton

Baldwin Loco Works

Baldwin and it’s later entity, Baldwin Lima Hamilton, built steam locomotives for a number of Australian State owned and privately owned railways including the New South Wales Government Railways, Queensland Railways, South Australian Railways and the narrow gauge Victorian Railways.


VR – narrow gauge

In 1898 Baldwin delivered two 2-6-2T locomotives for the new 2′ 6″ gauge lines that were being developed. These locos became the A class … and the class later became known as the NA class to avoid confusion with a class of broad gauge locos that had been given the A classification.

1A (b/n 15936 of 1898) and 2A (b/n 15937 of 1898) were quite similar to look at but 1A was a simple 2-cylinder engine while 2A was a Vauclain Compound engine.

Both locomotives entered service in September 1898 on the Wangaratta to Whitefield line and both were scrapped in 1929.

15 additional members of the A class were built between 1900 and 1916 but these were constructed in VR’s own workshops at Newport.

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baldwin locos owned by VR


BHP, Qld Sugar Mills

In 1889 Baldwin built two broad gauge 2-6-0 tender locomotives (b/n 10067 of 1889 and 10075of 1889) the Arthur T Robb, the contractor to be used in the construction of Victoria Dock in Melbourne.

These two locomotives subsequently went to the McIvor Timber & Firewood Company P/L for use on their extensive network of lines that fed their firewood mills at McIvor Siding near Tooborac near Seymour in Victoria.

They were scrapped around 1923.

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