European Narrow Gauge Steam

European narrow gauge steam locos aren’t for everyone but I have to admit that if I had to choose between watching a thundering mainline steam loco or a huffing and puffing little steam loco that’s oozing steam from every joint then I would choose the narrow gauge loco every time.

If you’re like me then here is a growing list of videos that feature European narrow gauge steam locomotives.

Schmalspurbahn Brad – Criscior HD Narrow Gauge Steam Railway Romania

Narrow gauge steam on passenger and freight workings … and doing a little bit of unusual shunting as well.

The Achensee Bahn

Narrow gauge steam in Austria featuring a rather unusual and rather old steam loco

Banovici coal mine – Bosnian narrow gauge steam in Spring Sunshine

It’s the spring of 2014 and this narrow gauge railway runs at a walking pace.