British Mainline Operation

Trains at Lewisham
Some of the trains that passed through Lewisham on 2 August 2020

Trains at Lewisham – 2
Track work can often lead to some interesting diversions and here are some of the trains that were diverted through Lewisham on2 August 2020

Rush Hour at Wolverton on the WCML
Its the evening of 14 August 2020 and there’s plenty of passenger and freight action to see here.

Class 31 Construction

There were over 200 BR Class 31 diesels built back in the late 1950s and early 1960s and this video takes you through the construction and operation of that workhorse.

1967 Cab Ride on the Settle and Carlisle

Sit back in the driver’s cab of a diesel multiple unit as it works an all stations passenger train from Skipton to Carlisle. You’ll cross the famous Ribble viaduct and tackle Ais Gill along the way.


London, Kings Cross to York

Here is another cab ride, this time on an Intercity train from London all the way to York.