Cab Rides

St Moritz (Switzerland) to Tirano (Italy)
Take a train through some of the steepest and most scenic country in the world on this cab right that will see you climbing grades of up to 7%.

Newport to Werribee
You’re in training to be a driver on the Melbourne (Australia) suburban network and today you’re going to be learning the route from Newport to Werribee.

Bakersfield to Mojave
Step back to 1990 and take a ride on a regular runner – the Southern Pacific Oil Train

Deltic 22 Cab Ride
Take a trip in a classic British diesel

Class 37 cab ride
Another classic British diesel is the Class 37 and here you’re riding in the cab of 6940 back in 2013

Shunting with DL50
The DL class locomotives were originally built for the Australian National Railways before being transferred to National Rail and then Pacific National.

Here we are riding in the cab of DL30 as it is repositioned at the loco depot in Melbourne.

Flinders Street to Blackburn
It’s 2017 and we’re riding in the cab of a Melbourne suburban train on an all stops to Blackburn

Throttling a Tangara
The year is 1994 and a guy I knew way back in the early 1980s is driving a Tangara suburban set from Macarthur to Museum on the Sydney metropolitan network.

The comments are definitely worth reading too. You’ll see that driving a train for a living is not as much fun as it might look like from the outside.

Driver’s view of the Ropes Creek line
The seldom visited Ropes Creek line has long gone but it’s 1986 in this video and the Ropes Creek line is still part of the Sydney suburban network and we’re taking a cab ride with a driver who is full of information.

For many years much of this line was surrounded by military bases etc. and civilians were kept away.