Model Trains

Switching the Corn Plant
Action on the RSSX Railserve shortline – great scenery, great sound and prototypical action

Cab Ride on the LM&B
Take a ride over a beautifully sceniced On30 model railroad

End of the Spur
Operation on a shelf layout

Sit back and enjoy a ride on one of the finest 009 layouts on the planet.

Malcolm Moore Rail Tractors
Uniquely Australian … and not something that’s easy to model but here they are and they operate too

Stoney Middleton
A very neat 7mm layout that was filmed back in 2007

Bowen Creek
A beautiful fine-scale layout set in NSW in the 1970’s

Shunting Lambing Flat
A NSWGR 55 Class steam loco on the local pick-up goods shunts the sidings at Lambing Flat.

This is a great layout built and operated by a former NSWGR Guard who, these days, is the editor of the Australian Model Railway Magazine.

A Tale of Three Steam Trams
Combine the magic of narrow gauge, the work of a master modeller with video that is combined with the real sound from narrow gauge locos and you have a video … and layout …that is definitely 10 out of 10.

Painting and Weathering a Brass Loco Pt1

Painting and Weathering a Brass Loco Pt2

Bullenbung Creek
Another fine HO layout set in NSW. Watch the prototypical operation of a small station on a southern branchline.

Bullenbung Creek 2014
It’s two years later and the branch is still seeing plenty of traffic.

BNSF Magic in N Scale
Stunning video combined with real sound … combining the two and getting it right is an absolute art-form and this video gets it right.

Watching the trains go by on Arakoola

In 2016 Arakoola became the only Australian built layout to make it an exhibition in the UK.

This video was shot before the layout was packed up for it’s long trip.



A beautiful British O scale layout


Busy Day at Sutterby

An O Scale garden model railway, featuring steam from the 1930’s and 1940’s, with 2 scale miles of track.


Peter Waterman’s Model Railway 2017

A stunning O scale model railway from the UK


Visit to George Selios’ Franklin and South Manchester Model Railroad

It was made famous in Model Railroader and now you can take a tour of it thanks to this video.